Google authenticator

Hi It would be verry cool and more secure if you could use something like google authenticator when logging in.It would mean if it was web facing it would be more secure.


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You already can indirectly.

The CMS can connect to a SAML provider for authentication, so you can connect it to your company GSuite management console, or a service such as OneLogin, both of which support 2FA out the box.

It is something I’d like to see in the core product though for sure.

Could you please let know
What are the possibility for COULD version?

Me and I believe some of customers will not feel comfortable and secure accessing the central management station with all the displays and content which is only basic security login and password.

On your portal you use a 2 factor verification by sending a code to email to be able to access is, why dont you just use the same principal here.

What are the MODULE or APPLICATION options for us using a CLOUD version to keep the CSM secure enough. Thank you for reply.

The options are as in my previous response. We can certainly connect a Cloud CMS to a SAML IdP for you. Please log a ticket with our service desk and we can help you to arrange that.

thank you for reply. I would really like that, I can open a ticket but not sure exactly what to ask for. If I ask for SAML IdP what other inputs will you need from me. thank you.

We’d need all the details required to connect the CMS to your IdP.

The manual outlines what is required from the IdP.

do you know any any app or provider which i could use for this type of job? thank you.

Most SAML IdP providers should work. We’ve connected with Google GSuite and Active Directory Federation Services previously, although services such as One Login will go between many more and SAML. It really depends what directory your organisation has already. It’s that system that then handles authentication so you’ll need to ensure that supports multi-factor authentication directly.