Go beyond Postman

hi everybody

i’m a newbie i know perharps i wan’t to do things too hard for me !!
i succeed in testing api and getting responses with the staff help it’s true
i want to go further
i saw postman generate snippets in different language i want to use php
how can i link this snippet with my application ?
for the time being my application is a simple button that i press in a page
for the time being when i’ll press the button i would get the access_token

thank you for your time

You’d want on button on click action that would execute the script in php in this case, that would be rather short script calling the API to get the access token - the application would also need to be registered with the CMS (same as Postman was to get the Ids).

You could use our oauth provider and wrappers going forward - https://github.com/xibosignage/oauth2-xibo-cms
or just straight up guzzle call linked to the button action, up to you.

hi everybody

i really need help for 3 days i trying and go on trying
i look at différent posts and every one has its solution and i have to discover too much things too much concepts to do this thing that postman can do again and again : get an access token
i’m a nweebie and i have effort to translate and it’s not easy (my english is so bad)

you introduce to me 2 solutions but i don’t understand all things they talk about and i have to download so may things i made vba access and it’s so far that i was to do whatever i want to go further

my last attempt :

when i look this page in my browser i can’t see anything

thanks for the time

thanks for your reply

and i found that :


Many thanks M. ahallora


I’d really again suggest to look at the oauth2 examples, either the project branch or my branch there are examples of how to use the wrappers and providers there, I believe it would make your life easier to use that.

I consider what you say but i tried and didnt understand i will try later when i feel able to do it
i would like to know if it’s a better way to get access_token ?


It’s just a simple call with 3 parameters, you can call it with guzzle or you can create oauth2 provider as per the earlier link.


i thank for you support as i said i’ll come back to your proposal when i 'll be able to do it

i get a lot of to discover i know but i succeed slowly

best regards