Global module, region or snippet?

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I 'm looking for a method to use content in a region ( e.g. a header) on many layout’s and only one location to edit it’s content. So, if I like to change the “header” region, I have to do it on one place to change it for many lay-out’s in stead of editinh many Lay-outs
I don’t know how to define it, but it could be something like an global region or a snippet or soemthen lijke that.

Thanks for your message.

You’d use a Playlist and put your content in that. Then on your layout, you’d use a subplaylist widget to include your named playlist in to your layout.

Then when you update your named playlist, the layouts that use it will update shortly afterwards automatically.

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Hello Alex,

Thank you for the advice. The playlist option can do a lot more, but it is useful for my purpose

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