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Hi, my CMS version is 2.3.4, and my client players are 2.253.3. The client players are W10 machines.
I have uploaded a couple animated GIF images that have less than 10 frames. The GIF plays infinitely and is natively less than a second in length. On the preview, it works, but once the layout is published and scheduled, the endpoints aren’t playing the animation.

A workaround was previously to convert the GIF to MP4 and upload as a video; however, since the GIF has a lower amount of frames, it’s playing the animation only once, even with loop being checked under the video widget settings, so this method isn’t working for us either.

I’m going to pull the GIFs into photoshop and extend the frames on them once I’m home and reconvert to MP4 to see if this fixes the problem, but we need to figure out why GIFs aren’t working.

Attached are the two animated GIF images.Banana Safety first

Animated GIF’s are not supported. A workaround would be to use the Text Widget and then include them as an Image:

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