Getting LDAP directory users/groups in our Xibo 1.7.9 DB

I would like you to give me some advices about the code or the logic of this solution , thx :slight_smile:

1 - I added some data in the setting table so the parameter section will have an Ldap param :

2- in theme/default/html/settings_page.php add (just before : if ($category == ‘Network’) { …) :

if ($category == ‘Ldap’) {
<div style="text-align:center"><a href='#' id='synchroLdap' onClick = 'synchroLdap()'>Synchronisation LDAP</a></div>

3 - in theme/default/html/footer.php :
<script src=luxfero/js/synchroLdap.js></script> before </body>

4 - add this folder in the root of xibo project :

PS : all users are added with a default password (‘123456789’)

Sorry I am not sure what your question is about :blush:

We have SAML support in 1.8 already, which would probably do what you want?

Hi Dan,

Actualy I added a Library so I can get Ldap users/group and I created this topic so if someone is interested by the solution can test it and give me some advices to improve it.

Ah I see, sorry I misunderstood. I hope someone will help you test it.

I would encourage you to try the SAML support in 1.8 as it does JIT provisioning of users (not groups). It might be that you could extend it to support groups? :smile:

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Thank’s for this precious information , I will check this tomorrow.

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There is a page in the manual under users detailing how to configure it, etc.

The code is implemented as Middleware in /lib/Middleware the file named SAML.

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Hello, Do you have your code still available somewhere? I don’t see it anymore on github.
We are perhaps interested in this solution, as using SAML ADFS isn’t possible for us.

Sorry dude but I don’t have it anymore, what I did was to program a php script that can fetch an Ldap data and insert them to the users/groups database