Getting error while installing CMS server on Ubuntu 18.04

Hello I am Mitesh,
I am installing CMS server on my Ubuntu 18.04 system. I followed all steps for installation on this link
While I am runnig this command

sudo docker-compose up -d

I am grtting error shown in below screenshot

I tried this command 4 to 5 times. It is giving error after download complete. And it will start’s dowloading from start while I run above command again.
Thanks & Regards,
Mitesh Dube.

Can you put the actual text of the error here please? I can’t read whatever is before Unexpected EOF.

In any case, the error comes from Docker not Xibo, so I would suggest ensuring you’re running the latest version of Docker and docker-compose, and doing a full system prune before trying to bring the containers up

docker system prune -af

After running this command

docker system prune -af

solved my problem. After that I run

sudo docker-compose up -d

this command again. Got output as shown below screenshot

What next step I should have to take? I have entered my server system’s IP address on browser but its not loading CMS page.

Perhaps you run a firewall? You’d need to allow TCP port 80 and 9505 through.

Otherwise look at the container logs and see what they say

docker-compose logs

I ran these below commands to allow tcp port

ufw allow ssh
ufw allow 80/tcp
ufw allow 9505/tcp
ufw enable

and after that I restarted my system.
After system restart I run a command

docker-compose up -d

And still got same output as previous one

At the last I’m getting this on my browser when I browsed server IP address.

I’d make sure that the mysql password in your config.env is 16 character alpha-numeric. I was looking at another topic where this ended up being the issue for the error in your screenshot.

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