Getting Error while configuring CMS 3.1.4

Hello Team,

I’m trying to install Xibo CMS 3.1.4 in my windows machine having 7.0.33 PHP version. I’m not able to move forward to the installation when I browse the below URL and getting HTTP 500 error screen. Please find the screenshot attached.


Could you please help me out to install the version successfully ?

Hello Mr. Siddarth,
You can try this http://localhost/xibo/web/install/index.php/1 or https://localhost/xibo/web/install/index.php/1

I hope this could solve your problem

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Now I’m getting below error

If I use the port which I have configured in conf file then error remain the same. Could you please help further ?

Hello Mr. Siddharth,
This is my suggestion, try to uninstall xampp then reinstall then copy the xibo file (file in zip or tar form) to the htdocs directory file in xampp (C:\xampp\htdocs) then extract the xibo file after that rename the extracted folder with the name xibo. Then you activate the apache and mysql features in the xampp control panel. After that you try to open the browser and type the http writing that I told you before (http://localhost/xibo/web/install/index.php/1 or https://localhost/xibo/web/install/index.php/1)

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