Get no display recover notification


CMS Version

Xibo 2.3.5 on Debian 10.5, webserver-installation, XTR is running, XMR not

Player Type

Windowsplayer on Win10 Home on ARM

Player Version



I get a notification (and mail) if a player gets offline, but none if its recover.

Thanks for any suggestions.


As a first step we would suggest going through the CMS Post installation guide as this explains exactly what needs to be done to get email notifications working properly: and use the latest stable 2.3.6 release.

Updates have been made, now to 2.3.7
And I checked once again the CMS Post installation guide. As far I can see, everything is done.
Concerning the notifications, nothing changed: for an offline-display I get one, if this display returns, I get none.
I forgot to mentions: the server runs PHP 7.3.22

thanks for your advice
greetings volker

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