Geolocation feature

what am i suppose to do with geolocation on schedule tab ?
can you help me ? what is the function of geolocation tab on schedule? please.

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Take a look at our user manual page which explains the Geo Location functionality:

i dont really understand the uses of geolocation , after reading the manual i still dont understand, can you help me ?

So say you have a Player that is mounted to a vehicle, and you want it to show some layouts only when it’s in a certain location, you can assign a geo location to your schedule and then it’s only considered for being shown (alongside other layouts) when the device is within the area you’ve drawn on the map.

soo , if i schedule some layout with geolocation in certain location, the layout that i choose in schedule only show when the vehicle visit the location that i marked on geolocation ? (sorry for my bad english)

is this feature only work using windows player ?

Yes that’s right

It works with Xibo for WIndows 2R253 or later or Xibo for Android R206 and later. In both cases it uses the location service on the device, so may be able to get a general idea of location using wifi networks, but you really need a GPS for best results.

Hello, I am testing geolocation in the programming for a device that is installed in a vehicle, I give priority 1 to the design so that when entering the marked area it begins to reproduce, but it happens that if the vehicle leaves the area before the design is reproduces in full, this is cut off, I think that if the vehicle leaves the area the design (or campaign) should disappear once its reproduction cycle is over. Am I doing something wrong or not? Thank you.

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