From the client computer can not run xibo v.1.7.5

I used Xibo version 1.7.5

its beginning from the client side to run well, after some time on the client can not be played or off only appear Xibo
then I look at the client computer at the library folder there are some missing files (that which causes Xibo client can not run)

which became my question is: no matter where? whether in the setting Xibo its servers.?

please explanations

thank you

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Nothing should be ‘automatically’ deleted from player’s library.
Are your CMS and player library separate? (they need to be)
You can also click ‘verify all’ from modules page in CMS, any other dependencies missing should be re downloaded by the player.

sorry, I mean, I wear Xibo 1.7.3 version I get into trouble as I clear the previous,

I have tried to install Xibo server repeatedly - again when I get the path on the client side can and I let him go up to 4-5 days could go well but after the client side can not display again or not running (problematic)

is there any influence in the use of Bandwidth Usage (M).? when passing Bandwidth usage Xibo client can not run. and there are some missing files in the library folder

I want to ask again whether this Xibo applications need licenses or serial number?

peter father could tell me more detail? tuntun I go to the menu - what menu in cms so that this issue quickly resolved.

thank you

Ok, lets take a step back.

CMS - do you have it installed on your own server locally or do you use hosting? (if by any chance you are using Spring signage hosting please let me know the name of your CMS Instance)

Bandwidth usage, it depends on your hosting, please answer my above question about it, if your hosting have limits set for bandwidth allocation then yes if you exceed that limit, player won’t be able to download new content.

Player - We recommend 1.7.5, but earlier version should be mostly fine, if player’s library is separate from CMS library and if your PC doesn’t have any memory/storage problems then no files should be erased from the player’s library.
You might want to consider taking a screenshot of status window on your player (press ‘i’ on your keyboard when player is running) and then showing it to us.

Only Xibo for Android needs a paid licence, CMS and windows player are distributed as a open source software.

hello Mr. peter,

I use localhost instead in Xibo in hosting and using XAMPP as a webserver.

and what if Xibo I put in localhost if there is influence by the use of Bandwidth ?? from the client side ??

peter father sorry I’ve made you busy, and thank you already want me to respond quickly to this issue.

I have not had time to send a screenshot, because this has not occurred in Xibo version 1.7.5 and version 1.7.5 for Xibo is running and if later on the client side can not run, I will post on this forum.

I was just curious when I wear my Xibo 1.7.3 version ketemukan the matter.

thank you

If it’s on local host then no, there shouldn’t be any bandwidth limits that you can exceed - although if your internet provider has set any limits then that might be a problem otherwise no.

So 1.7.5 works fine now? That’s good to hear

Okay, well thank you for your help, Mr. Peter
I first try with Xibo 1.7.5 version that is currently running, hopefully no problems.

if there is a problem I will contact Mr. peter

I introduced from countries Indonesia

greetings from me
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