Free, native remote management for Android

I have about 1000 clients Xibo for Android that are located in remote offices.
Very often there is a need to solve problems on them.
I found a solution that allows you to remotely control Android via ADB - scrcpy (This application provides display and control of Android devices connected over TCP/IP).
On Android, when configuring, you need to connect once and confirm the security exception.
To enhance security on network equipment, ports for ADB are open only for those IP addresses from which management is performed.
Works on Android 6.0 and above


Nice tool! Unfortunately, I cannot use it. Our iiyama Android TV client does not offer any adb things. I found nothing to enable tcpip mode for adb :confused:

You should be able to enable it in developer mode if you go to about click on build a whole bunch of times to unlock developer mode. Then go to those settings. It’s usually called either internet adb or TCP adb

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how do you use it remote? VPN or Port forwarding?

A corporate network with about 1,700 Xibo clients. Access via NAT from a special server. clients- TV-boxes Dune HD SmartBox 4K Plus II – DUNE HD Dune HD AV1 4K.

Thanks @densan for sharing.

Another question I have, how about your server environment?
As 1700 clients may be overloading standard docker environment.

Are you using docker?
Using docker swarm in place for load balancing?

We use docker and the old version of Xibo Server - 1.8.13. we do not use docker swarm.

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