Forecast io no data returned

forecast io, no data returned please check error log. What can i do??

Do you have an account and API key with Have you entered the information into the module? After that have you ran the “Verify All” link in the top right of the modules page? If you turn on Auditing in the CMS and then try to have the module retrieve data, what do you see in the log?

I have entered the API Key and i have turned Auditing on dor one display but i don’t have displays connected. I’m working on my laptop and i use xamp server. This is Pic of log.

Unfortunately the log picture only shows that you went to the displays list in the CMS. I think I should of been more clear as to the logging. There is an option to turn on Auditing for the CMS it’s self. Administration/Setting/Trouble Shooting/Log Level. Please change that to Audit.

Is there any chance you could clear your log, try the request and then copy and paste the log afterwards?

It is allredy set to Audit.

… We need to know more about the problem to help you.