Forecast IO Icons Missing [5 days, current day in a big circle]

I am running Xibo CMS 1.7.3 with Windows Server 2012. The Players are on 1.7.3 as well with Windows 7 x64.

I can get a weather layout to work with the Forecast IO module:

And in Preview Layout it works as well:

However when I apply it to a display I get this (I did not display the whole image, just the current day):

There are no weather icons showing up. I know there is another thread Forecast IO Missing Icons [Solved] - #5 by cslaughter but being that it was classed as Android where as my players are on Windows.

Additionally, when I try to get other Weather Templates to display they work in the Preview Layout, but do not display on the player at all. I checked the logs and have not found anything out that seemed to be an error.

The player status does have an error:

I cannot expand the rest of the path though and copy/paste did not work either.

Please can you check that the modules were installed correctly:

I have the same problem, see here: Forecast IO Missing Icons

Got around it for now by coping the font files from “xibo\modules\theme\forecastio\weather_icons” to the library manually then adding the following to “Enter the template for the current forecast. For a list of substitutions click “Request Forecast” below.” when overriding the template:

May not be correct or pretty, but for now it works.

I have the exact same problem… same version of CMS and player as Lelouch. How can I verify if the module was install properly?

By running the verify all routine

@cslaughter It’s great that it’s working like that for you, but we strongly recommend that you don’t have your Xibo CMS library in a web accessible location. The only access to those files should be via XMDS.

If you look at your Player status, are the weather webfont files being included in RequiredFiles correctly?

I had to manually copy the following files form the Server c:\xibolibary\ to the Player Client c:…xibolibrary\ in order to get the icons to show up on the player side:


What would cause these files to not be written to the Player automatically?

At the risk of repeating myself, could you see if those files are included in the Required Files listing in the status screen on the Player please

@Lelouch please can you try this patch and then run Verify All from the modules page again:

Lelouch and Fream,

Please see here, Dan has posted a fix for the missing weather icons.

Problem has been rectified thanks for the fix!

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