Forecast IO displaying currentday as previous day


I am running on the latest release of Xibo in a Server 2012 R2 IIS environment. The problem I am having is that Forecast IO is displaying the currentday not as the current day, but as the past day. I’ve checked the time/date on both my web server and display and they are both correct. The Xibo scheduler also indicates the correct date. Any idea what might be causing this?

Also, not as big of an issue but the weather icons (that indicate cloudy/rainy/windy/etc.) show up in preview but do not actually show up on any displays (running Windows 8.1).


Which version are you running? there is a little problem in 1.7.1 and earlier where the weather was cached for far too long (it does also depend on the cache interval you have specified in your module configuration)

Hi Dan,

I am running 1.7.2.

Edit: I got the icons to load in the display by copying the icon files over into the Xibo directory.


The icons issue would probably be solved by this going forward (as you’ll likely have the same issue on all your Players):

Specifically the “Check your Module Installation” section.

Can you share your cache interval settings for the forecast module?

Can you also share an export of your layout so we can try it?

Cache period is set to the default of 300.

Here is the export:

Thanks for providing the export, I don’t see anything strange with the settings, etc so I think the layout is probably OK. I’ve also imported it on a test system and get Thursday coming back.

Just some clarification - is the forecast showing incorrectly in the Designer as well as the Players?

Can you also try the “request forecast” button on the form and see what day comes back as the current date?


The forecast is showing incorrectly both in the Design preview and the Players.

The data returned in UNIX time is 1427989411 (for Current time) which is April 2, 2015 - so that’s correct as well. The time also correlates with my current local time.


Ok, I think I figured it out but still not 100% sure.

Under [WebPIChanges] in php.ini, date.timezone was set to America/Tegucigalpa. Tegucigalpa is only an hour behind but I changed it to America/Chicago to be sure. Then, I noticed that date.timezone under [Date] was also commented out and not defined, so I un-commented it and added America/Chicago. I’ve restarted IIS and I haven’t seen any difference in what’s displayed on the displays but I’m going to give it some time to refresh.

Maybe there’s something in Xibo that’s overwriting PHPs timezone settings?

Edit: After changing the timezone in the web GUI to Chicago the date is now correct. I’m not sure which of the changes I made did it, but these are all 3 things to check.

The web UI will override the php.ini settings.

So the problem is solved by updating the TimeZone?

Yep, it was just that simple. I’m still not sure why changing it from Tegucigalpa would have fixed it because they’re only -1 hour behind CST, not a full day or anything.

Probably just rotten luck - the “cache” on your weather probably just happens to expire within that 1 hour period, leading to the incorrect day being cached.

That is a wild guess :smiley: