Force password change on first login

I will like to force new users to change password on first login or be redirected to change password on first login just like the welcome page that appears.

Thank you

While it might not force it, you can set the password policy and description in CMS settings -> Users tab.

Could you let us know if that would be suitable for you or do you really require force password change on first login?
If you do, then we can convert your topic to feature request and consider adding such option in the future development.

I understand that i can enforce password policy in the UI and that has been set.

I however would like to (if i cannot enforce) redirect new users(first time log in possibly based on session_id) to change password page just like the welcome page appears for first time users. Please point me to the right file to edit.

You can also move this to feature request as it is a nice to have.

One last thing, can i determine password expiry period using the password policy settings?

Were you able to ever get this working? I too would like forced PW resets upon first login

Well, this was a long time ago when i just picked programming as a hobby. Now at this level, i would simply create a copy of the password change page and enforce completion. Then look for the same table that the welcome page calls to check first user and add an if checkpoint to login method which redirects to my custom password change page(or modal) if true. If you are just an hobbyist as well, i can take some time to look into the code for you.

I’m also would like to force password reset at first login but haven’t find a way to do so. If you can send me info that would be much appreciate