Forcast IO vs

Is it possible to make Forcast IO get the weather information from is a joint service by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. Weather data from is free, and has no limit.
Check out

A derivative of the ForecastIO module would need to be written that understood the API provided by It shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve.

You could probably extend forecastIO and just override getForecastData

The terms of use of would also need to be understood to make sure the data is free of use when displayed on screen.

Hi Dan, and thank you for your reply.
Sorry, but I don’t have the knowledge to do this.

My thoughts was that this could be a permanent solution for Xibo as a weather provider. is free and has no daily limit. This would be a excellent solution a open source software.


While I agree that it would be interesting to support other providers (in the interests of choice) - I don’t see that Forecast.IO is particularly limiting - 1000 calls per day should really be enough for most size networks (if you are exceeding that then paying wouldn’t be too much of an issue?)

Is there any reason, other from that rate limit, that you would prefer over ?

With more then 20 displays on 4 different fire stations, I’m afraid the the limit of 1000 calls per day, is to small. And the money to pay for extra calls is one thing we don’t have.
I couldn’t think of many reasons why I prefer over, but the site is highly recommended all over the globe, because of it’s accuracy weather prognoses and because it’s totally free.
Here’s a article from 2013:

If you have 4 locations you have 250 calls per location to use up - which seems excessive (10 per hour?) - you most likely need a call per location every 2-3 hours?

I am sure you can understand that committing time to developing another module for another service that does exactly the same as what we already have, seems a little wasteful when there are so many other things to work on :smile: