Font size bigger on android player

The layouts I’m using are looking good on my production Windows PC / preview and on Xibo player for Windows. When scheduling to my Android screen, Philips D-Line Display 43BDL4050D with android 4.4.4, the font size has become bigger.
See attached files.

What do I have to do to make WYSIWYG work when publishing / scheduling to my android displays?

I am using Xibo 1.8.1 and the newest android Xibo player.

This is how my Layout designer and regions look like.

Is the resolution the same on all those screens?

In Xibo for Android -> Status
it should say what resolution is in use as well.

You can also send me your layout via private message and I’ll see how does it look like on our devices in the office.

I suspect your Android device doesn’t have the Verdana font installed. You would need to upload a font of your choice to the CMS to have it fit exactly.

I have checked the screen resolution. It’s the same as my layouts, 1080p.
I have installed a new font for testing purposes. Font Neuropol.

The layout looks great in my dashboard and on windows clients, but not on my Philips android screen. See attached image.

Here is my layout:

I notice it’s hosted with Spring Signage.

If you can email their helpdesk (, then they can look directly at the CMS for you and see if they get the same on a local Player.

What’s interesting in the screenshot is that the number 5 isn’t shown in the display, almost as if that isn’t exactly the same layout being shown. We can check on helpdesk however.

Number 5 is behind the “Status screen”. When I close the “Status screen” I can see it.

But it’s at the start of a new line? Unless it’s only there because of how the text wraps rather than because you have an explicit carriage return as you appear to on the others.

Now I have added an carriage return at the end of line 4 and 5. It is easier to see whats going on.

I have also changed “Screen Dimensions” in “Display Settings”.

I will also mail springsignage to ask for help.

We have tested another CMS system that shows layouts with HTML and PHP. That system does allso expand the text size to 125%.

It looks like Philips has made text size = 125% and locked the option to make it 100%. I will post the answer from Philips when they answer my request.

That’s weird on their side, but I’m glad we were able to pin point the issue.

Unfortunately we don’t have android TVs here to test with and tests done on our recommended devices were successful as per your support ticket.

Hopefully Philips will be able to give a solution to this text size issue.


First, Philips suggested:
Can you please upgrade the 43BDL4050D with the latest released FW :
Scaler 1.102 and

latest released android
Android 7.05

That didn’t solve the problem.

Then Philips sendt me a newer version:
Android firmware, version 8.06

Now I have the option to choose text size to “Normal”. That solved the problem. Xibo works well now.

It’s a shame that Philips had removed the “Text size option” in earlier firmwares.

Anyways: Xibo works and I am happy now!

See Attached image where I choose text size:

I’m glad to hear that!

It is indeed rather odd to remove/hide that option in the firmware :confused: