Folders in the media library

Hello Xibo community.

I am having a quite extensive issue.
The medie library becomes quite incomprehensible as soon as you get alot of files there. We have 12 different locations which mostly shows the same content, but about 20% of it, is specialised content for the specific location. Is it possible, somehow, through a module or the like, to get a folder-structure in the library, making it easier to have an overview?

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That’s not possible at the moment. I’ve marked your thread as a feature request so it will be considered for future development.

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Hello Guys, I usually have a large volume of people working on the CMS, the library with a time can get pretty hard to find something (It’s easy to forget the name of things, but not where we keep)

It would be possible to have CMS in the folder capacity building and sub-folders?
I think it’s one more usability than necessity. After all we are all used to working with folders to organize.

Tags organization for help, but need to have this option in the Upload, but only have this functionality to edit the media. It turns out that no one uses tags.

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We also are feeling an increasing need for this feature as well.

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if there is no plan to implement this in the near future. I would also offer to create a plugin for this.

Maybe we could exchange the jquery tablesorter with jsTree (it’s MIT license too) and include the same functions in context menu.
The Folder would be an additional column in the database. We still could leave the filter option and add a additional search.
What do you think?