Folder Sharing - Subfolder User Permissions

CMS Version 3.3.3 container running on Portainer

I’m setting up a new CMS instance and am running into an issue with creating folder structures and inheriting sharing persmissions. I have setup individual users for each of our states and am planning to divide all assets (media/displays/schedules/etc) by state as per the below:

Each state has a parent folder within the root directory, and each state’s site (office) has a subfolder within that. I have setup the sharing of the parent folder to allow that satates user account to have full access (but no other user):

But none of the subfolders have inherited those sharing permissions, which the manual seems to read as if they should:

What can I do to enable that permission inheritance?

Hi and welcome to the Community!

I have taken a look at this to double check and the permissions are inherited from the Main Folder to the sub-folders for Users/User Groups.

As per your screenshot you are only seeing the direct permissions for the sub-folder. I have made a suggestion to our dev team to see if there is something we can do to make that a bit clearer to users on this page :slight_smile:

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