Flash Player pops up new window

And, posting for the third time :-).

I’m running Xibo Server 1.6.3; client 1.6.0-rc2. I’m seeing an issue that I’ve seen a couple of people mention where Flash content is not being displayed embedded in the client, but starts in a new window. In particular, I’m trying to embed Ustream.tv content, which (apprently) requires either the flash plugin or a dedicate app. It seems like they might have some sort of HTML5 client that doesn’t require a plugin, but only for Smart Phones? Anyway, when I embed the video from Ustream.tv it shows up as a new window.

I’m seeing this on two different systems:

Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit, Dell Precision with nVidia Graphics card.
Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit, LIVA Mini-PC with Intel HD Graphics card.
Any hints as to how to get this to embed properly would be appreciated; or, alternatively, how to force Ustream to use flashless video technology.

I’m afraid it just doesn’t work properly and it’s one of the reasons that client is deprecated and no longer being actively developed.

You can see the notice for that here:

@Nick_Couchman - just wanted to apologise for asking you to post so many times. You were unfortunate in asking a question about the python client just as we moved everything around - and then unfortunate again that GitHub wasn’t working well for us with these sort of support questions.

Please accept our apologies for giving you the run around!