Firewall help - Twitter/Youtube IP ranges


Does anyone know if there is an IP range for Twitter and Youtube?

I am having to direct our Xibo player traffic via our firewall and I cannot filter by FQDN, I have to do it by IP.

It might be rather hard to set that up I’m afraid.

Both of those, YouTube and Twitter (or twitter search api) will use several IPs with broad ranges.

Furthermore I don’t think they would be willing to share those information publicly (especially twitter), it is of course possible to get that list, the issue is how big it will be and how often will it change.

You might be able to find more help on twitter / youtube community pages or perhaps someone else had similar problem, but unblocking that by IPs seems like a not the best idea, I appreciate that I’m not being overly helpful to you right now.

As Peter says, getting a definitive list of those IPs is going to be tough, particularly for Youtube as that will use servers in Google’s systems as well as ones specifically registered to Youtube IP addresses.

For Twitter, the Players won’t be connecting to Twitter at all (assuming you’re using the official Twitter integration). All that goes via the CMS so it might be easier to allow the CMS to connect out to anything, rather than try and detect traffic going to Twitter specifically.