Firefox 38 breaking the Xibo 1.7.4 web interface

I upgraded my Xibo 1.6.4 to the latest 1.7.4 recently with no major problems. I noticed that Firefox 38 (my current browser of choice) breaks the Scheduling interface completely. My current work around is to use MSIE 11. (any known issues or workarounds?) I cannot upload images to show the symptoms as I am a new user.



Normally I am not using firefox, but I just installed it 38.0.5 - and it seems fine.
Could you please take screenshots and upload them on dropbox(or similar) and share here with us?

Here is the link,

I can’t get those out without signing up :slight_smile: if someone is able to and post the images directly in this thread, we will take a look

That’s from Firefox:

the other screenshot was from IE - where everything is fine

If you’ve just upgraded then my guess would be a cache problem - you could try clearing your cache?

Hmm, cache corruption in the Browser? OK, that sounds like a solution. I will try tomorrow when I am back at work and give feedback

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Not so much cache corruption - more “the browser has cached the files and it doesn’t know they are new now”.