Features to show screenshot from Display Client

Hallo all, maybe in next release in Xibo CMS can be add a feature to show screenshoot image from display client.

Thanks, Best Regards

This is already implemented in 1.7 series. You can request a screenshot from the Display management page, or have one uploaded regularly on a schedule.

yes but we cant get preview the capture result on cms,

On the Display page you change the filter to advanced (from memory) and then you get the screenshot thumbnails showing. Click on them to see them full size


I was wondering this myself. I saw the new screenshot feature but hadn’t looked into it. I just did, thanks Alex, and it appears that the scheduling is done in the ‘Display Settings’ . Edit one of the display settings and on the Advanced tab, bottom option allows for a screenshot interval. I’ve just set my for 1 hour interval for all 19 of my displays…

Testing it out now!

Okey. thank you very much @alex

It’s been less than 24 hours since I implemented the screenshots of each display every 60 minutes. Things are running well, but I must ask. Does Xibo save each shot it takes, or does it discard/delete the previous screenshot when it takes another?

It only stores one screenshot per display

Hi Alex,
I tried to request ScreenShot a lot of time but no thing return back to thumbnail ?
Does it work ?

It does work. You need to be running a new enough version of the Xibo for Android Player. Please ensure you’re running the latest 1.7 and that your webserver has permission to write to the screenshots directory inside the CMS library.

where can i find the screenshots taken?

On the Display page in the CMS. You need to set the view to show the thumbnails. You can then click on the thumbnail to show the full screenshot.

ok it was in Filter, thank you for specifying.