Feature request: restart schedule


I’d like a possibility to restart the schedule on a display through the API, and possibly through the CMS also. This would enable the synchronization of the displays which is a must have if you’ve multiple displays showing the same content in the same location. I’ve tried to use some of the commands on the API to simulate this, but with unstable results.

Here’s is a potrayal of what I mean:

Of course there’s going to be some difference in the latency, but to human eye that should be nearly negligible.


Thank you for posting :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, what you would find is that the Layouts would briefly sync but then at the first Layout change it would go out of sync.

You could give all the Players the same schedule and send them all a change layout action so that they would all swap to the Layout that you asked them to show, but then it would return to the normal schedule and would not sync i’m afraid.