Feature request: Randomize dynamic sub playlist

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Randomize dynamic sub playlist that is created automatically by media tag

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We are using XIBO as a music video player. Our videos are organized by tags (80s, 90s, current etc). When using a sub playlist widget in layouts, Xibo plays media in alphanumerical order. Since the same playlist is used every day, it would be great if sub playlist could be randomized and not played always in the same order.

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Thank you for posting.

Having a randomise option for Playlists would require complex Player changes which we do not currently have plans to implement. We can however see the need for a ‘randomise’ option for media, as you mention for your use case.

As an alternative solution we can create a Randomise option for the DataSet Ticker. Media files could then be referenced in a DataSet and set to a ‘random’ configuration in the DataSet Ticker Widget.

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Do you plan to put “Number of Items - The Number of DataSet items you want to display” if we want to get only few items from the dataSet for the current loop?

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+1 from my side. That would be great!

Hi, version 3.1 (which will be released shortly) contains improvements to the Sub Playlist Widget which now includes Cycle Playback and Randomise functionality:

Once released, it would be great to get some feedback on this feature :slight_smile:

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