Feature request - Keyword Matching

To the new Playlist blueprint that is planned for v1.9, i would suggest also to perform Keyword matching.
assigning Tags/Keywords to displays, and assigning same keywords to content inside playlist will allow to create a single generic playlist that runs on one or more layouts on different displays and each displays plays relevant content with match keyword:

basic requirement:

  1. add new Keywords paramater to displays, display may hold more than a single keyword
  2. add to the new playlist dropdown keyword selection, from the keyword added to displays.
    would be usefull with autocomplete.
    optional 3) add basic match “And/Or/Not/or Not” for the keyword to allow more robust content behaviour on the player side.

basic content behaviour:

  1. content without keyword will play everywhere
  2. display without keyword will everything
  3. display with keyword will show all content without keyword + content with matching keyword

cms side sanity check:
a nice to have feature to this would be to check wether the generated playlist is valid to run anywhere, and have alerts.
for example, if the playlist is assigned to layout, which scheduled already, and playlist will show nothing on certain display, having alert would be usefull.