Feature Request: Fallback/Offline Layout

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It would be great to have the option to select an offline layout for a player or group of players as we have the default layout. This layout could be cached on the player and it would be shown when the player loses connectivity with the CMS if selected. If the ‘offline layout’ is not selected then the current behavior should be fine showing the latest scheduled layout or the default one.

User Story

I’m deploying a Xibo network with 50 android players for a client. The players are in different locations and connected to the CMS through a VPN. Players are showing as default layout a Dataset View that is updated almost in real time by a custom script that push the data to the CMS via the REST API. The layouts for each location (group of players) are configured to refresh the Dataset each 5 minutes and the players collection interval is set to 5 minutes too. These are short times but for my client it’s very important that the data shown in their screens is recent and accurate as it’s sensitive information for their visitors. So if a player loses connectivity with the CMS the data of this Dataset won’t be updated and the only solution we can offer right now is to power off the screen until we develop a custom solution for android. I think it would be great to have this option on the CMS.

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Hey, thanks @natasha! This could be an option :slight_smile:

Hope to see 2.3 working soon…