Feature Request: Expiration time for content in Playlists


I am with University of Florida and we are utilizing playlists heavily between a lot of different users and departments. One critique that has come up is there is currently no way to automatically phase out content in a playlist. We are currently working to see if we can implement this with API/scripting, but it would be great if from the Xibo Playlist UI users could set an expiration date for content. Once it hits that date/time, the content is removed from the playlist (doesn’t have to be deleted from the media library).

Does this feature seem feasible?

Another topic that has come up is allowing users to set duration of content in playlists. In some instances we would prefer to not give the option for users to adjust content duration within a playlist. Do you think a permission could be added to adjust content duration or not within a playlist?



Hi Zach,

We have included the ability to set ‘expiration dates’ for media files in our upcoming v2.2 of the CMS.

You can simply set the date and time and once passed the media will be removed from the CMS, (this does however remove it completely, including the Library). Do take a look and tell us your thoughts!

With the duration of content in Playlists, this can be controlled using the Spot length in the Sub-Playlist Widget.
If you leave this blank then the default duration will be used. You could therefore just give permissions to the User to just access the Playlist (and not the Layout) and then control the duration to be used for all Widget by entering a Spot length?

We are currently looking at including an additional dashboard for users who only need access to Playlists. This would mean that users could simply and easily add and replace media files to a Playlist without the need to access other areas of the CMS, does this sound like something that would be helpful to you for your use case?

Happy for any feedback :slight_smile:


Thanks Natasha about the spot length with Playlist! That is great news about the expiry date for media.

Perhaps you are developing this in your Playlist dashboard, but it would be ideal if users could set the expiry date when adding/editing media within the playlist tab. Rather then uploading the media to the playlist then editing it in the media tab(or upload media, edit expiry date, then add to playlist). It is just an added step for users, but we can work with it!

You can set Expiry Dates for Widgets that are added to a Layout or Playlist.

Assign dates on a Playlist by clicking on Tools or right click on the Widget you wish to set dates for on the Timeline.

Complete the form fields and use the checkbox to delete the Widget from the Playlist on expiry.

This would expire and remove the Widget from the Playlist Timeline but the Media file would remain in the Library (or in any other Playlists/Layouts it has been used in).

Does this provide a solution for you?


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Yes, thank you very much! That is exactly what I was looking for and never noticed it before.

I appreciate all of your help and information!


No problem :slight_smile: