Feature Request: Duration based on javascript flag


The ability to place a variable / JS plugin into an HTML page and have Xibo move on once it receives a flag to say that the page has finished.

User Story

I generally use Xibo to display dynamic content, which could change on an hourly basis, through web pages. To avoid having to log onto Xibo each time and edit the layout etc, I set up html pages which fetch, via an API, the information to display.
There is one page which goes through each item in a list and displays them for a set amount of time. At the moment, this loops through the entries twice in 2 minutes. If there are too many entries, the page absolutely flies through the information as it divides this time up between each entry.
It would be great to be able to send a signal to Xibo that it has finished and to move onto the next layout. Would this be achievable?
Many thanks.

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