Feature Request (Android player)


I was wondering whether it was feasible to be able to have videos render in a WebView with transparent background (or have the VideoView/VideoPlayer have a transparent background.

The reason is because I have WebM files with Alpha channel that I’d like to play back (transparent video, it works!) but the default video player makes the background look black (grey if your device doesn’t support the alpha channel).

A temporary workaround right now is to put things in Embedded HTML, select the “transparent background” option and then create a video tag with the width and height of the region and manually assigned the media.

Please let me know whether this is possible or if necessary, how much it would cost to have this implemented in the Android player.

You could build a custom module for this, which is of type “video” and has a render=html - you would then have a getResource method which returned the HTML you’re currently embedding manually.

If you then mark the existing video module as disabled and install your new video module, it will replace that functionality.

In terms of where we want to go - we’d rather not build in more reliance on the WebView. There is an interesting library called ExoPlayer, which we’re look at to move away from the VideoView and default media player.