Feature Request: Activate Client Info screen and request screen grab

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Request a screen grab of the info screen from a client using the CMS

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There have been many times, that users of the xibo software are asked to press “i” on a client machine and give any errors that may appear. It’s rare for a client player to be fully un-contactable.It’s not always possible to go to a client machine. I have several managed using your cloud CMS solution.

My suggestion is that using the cms you can request the player to press “i” itself , showing the info screen and then do a screen grab and then press “i” again to return to normal operations. I suspect it would be necessary to override the usual resolution of the screen grab so you get something back that is readable, and either to make the info screen bigger or allow the error messages to word wrap within the window that is shown, as you can’t scroll left/right the window that appears in a screen grab , like you can on the client when it’s showing the info screen.


Jeremy (Bullfrog)

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You can already get some of that information back as JSON if you check the Notify Status logs after requesting a screenshot.

It may not be all that is needed to diagnose for Windows - but might be worth taking a look to see?

Thanks - I’m afraid I’m not entirely following where I’m supposed to check or look after getting a screen shot. Can you point me in the right direction and I’ll take a look? Thanks.

So later versions of Windows and Android Players will send a “scrape” of the information/status windows when they deliver a screenshot.

This gets recorded in the CMS log for that Display under the ALERT log level. It will be in the XMDS channel and NotifyStatus function if you want to narrow it down.

We could probably use this information to build a “status window” you can open in the CMS, which would be really cool and definitely worth having in the software. The above might give you a workaround in the mean time though?

Excellent - yes direct access to the clients logs/info at the CMS is preferable to a screen dump, which may have been a quick kludge/workaround.

Thanks again.

Jeremy (Bullfrog)

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Just to follow up, this has been passed to our development team. Please see link:

Thank you for posting.

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