Failing to switch layouts using changeLayout API

I’m new to xibo and have been asked to investigate options for dynamically overriding scheduled displays with an emergency display. Not wanting to mess with a production installation while I explore I’ve installed the docker version of xibo on my Linux Mint desktop. I’ve also installed the Ubuntu Xibo Player on my desktop box also. In addition, I’ve copied the shared data from production to my desktop for the cms to use (FYI: production xibo is 1.8.9, desktop is 2.1.0, both are docker based). All of this has worked well.

When I invoke the api/displayGroup//action/changeLayout the display does not change. When I look at the player’s information screen by pressing ‘i’ I see that the heartbeat is updated every 30 seconds. The last message timestamp is invalid until I send my message via postman. At that point the last message time updates. I mention all this because I believe I have the XMR communications set up properly.

I have also ensured that my “emergency” layout is assigned to the displayGroup whose id I’m using in the API call. I have also tried increasing the log level to DEBUG while I attempt the communication and don’t see anything indicating an error (I may not know what to look for though).

Any suggestions for good next steps?

Thank you for your message. Xibo for Linux does not currently support API actions such as layout change. My apologies for any inconvenience.

This functionality is currently in development for a future release of Xibo for Linux. When a new version of the Player is released it will be announced on the Xibo Blog, which I have linked below:

Many Thanks.

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