Failed to connect to localhost port 8080

Hello everyone,

I´m useing Xibo with the version 2.3 in a customer installation.
I want to import a JSON file via the CMS API Remote funktion. But everytime i´m importing de JSON file i get the following error : “Unable to get Data for Test because cURL error 7: Failed to connect to localhost port 8080: Connection refused (see”

In “Add Dataset” i have set a Name and checked the Box “Remote”. Under “Remote” i have set the “GET” method and in “URI” I entered my webserver adress (http://localhost:8080/Calendar.json)
In "“Dat root” I entered 0.

If i go manually to my webserver adress (Xampp Apache Webserver) I can see and open my JSON file

Can someone help me with the issue?

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