Fade Transitions Issue

HI Everyone,
I have actualy 2 instances : 1 X in 3.3.0 and 1 X 3.3.6 and i see a difference on FADE transitions.
On the 3.3.6, the fade transition seems to not be working. Same settings on both cms for the default settings…
Any idear?

Hi Philippe_Reaud. I’ve been testing the fade transition with some of my Xibo players connected to a 3.3.6 CMS and I cannot see any issues at the moment. Have I understood correctly that you are saying the fade transition is not working at all when using 3.3.6, or that there is a difference in how it works with 3.3.6 compared to 3.3.0?

If you could create a post on the community forum where we can troubleshoot this in more detail, I’d be happy to see if I can replicate your issue, and report it to the developers if a fix is required.

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan,
It seems to not be an issue from the cms version… so you can erase my comment.
I have an issue, but it should come from my layout or my player version.

I need to do more test on it and come back to the community forum if needed.
Best regards,

Philippe Réaud
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