Fade in/Fade out in 1.8RC3 (windows player)

Dear xibo developers,
Before playing bymyself with “embedded HTML”, I decided to ask people here.

I am looking for the easiest way to show images from library with fade in/out effect.
I have a windows player.

Thank you.

The timeline transitions between items on the timeline (fade in/out and fly) will not work correct on windows client - they are supported on android client though.

Thank you Peter.

Anyway I need this effect. I have decided to pack pictures to FLASH and use fade-effect there.

I hope Xibo will add this functionality to Windows Player.

HI Peter, we’re looking at doing using Xibo, generally are we better-off going with Android? Does it tend to be more feature complete in terns of Xibo support? Or was this a one-off?

Guidance gratefully received.

Please visit this site http://xibo.org.uk/about/
Scroll down and have a look at ‘Feature comparison’ table, that should broadly explain the differences.

Basically, if you’re not interested in PowerPoint or flash, then android will be the way to go.

We also have a list of recommended android devices here - Recommended Android Hardware

To Chris_Noble.

I looked through lots of digital signage player (free of charge and prepaid). Compared to Xibo 90% of them have less features in terms of visual effects.

I recommend you to consider Adobe After effects. There you can prepare nice transition effects. Currently I am doing fade in fade out there.
Also consider teaming After Effects with PowerPoint. Prepare video in powerpoint and do post processing in After Effects.

The main problem here is a lag between transition from end of the video to the start of the next video. So, using fast hardware will help here.

Dear Peter,

Anyway, I forgot to ask: Are you planning to implement this transition effects on Windows player in 1.8rc4?

Perhaps, you can use an Android emulator on windows?
Has anyone ever make test about that ?

Effectively, I have that same problem. And confirms on Android it’s alright.