Facilitate viewing of members of a group of players

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Make it easy to view members of a group of players by adding “ORDERING” to the “MEMBERS” column, and / or adding the ability to display only member players.

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In the player group management screen there are the columns: ID, PLAYER, STATUS, ONLINE and MEMBERS.
The only column that does not allow ordering is the “MEMBERS”, without being able to sort by this column, we have to navigate all the pages to locate the players that are part of the group.
Why not add this sort order?
They could also offer a checkbox or something to filter and display only the players members of this group.
This will help a lot in networks where there are many players.

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This has been scheduled for 2.0.0-beta, please see link: https://github.com/xibosignage/xibo/issues/1709

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