Facebook/Instagram feeds

Using Xibo Cloud 2.3.3

There is a Twitter module, and a coworker has successfully created a feed using RSS with the Ticker widget. Tried “free” RSS redirects, or whatever those are, but they end up wanting money.

Has anyone got a FREE method for getting Facebook and/or Instagram feeds, which include text and graphics, into a layout?

Is this something Xibo are working on developing as a feature?

David Levine

Facebook and Instagram’s terms of service prohibit an integration so it’s not something we will be working on I’m afraid.

Thank you Alex. That sort of figures. Does that mean that what I’m trying to do cannot happen with Xibo or are there other methods, e.g. the RSS way?

Is there really no way at all to get Instagram content dynamically onto our Xibo screens?

There’s lots of ways you could do it (eg screen scraping the Instagram site) but nobody from the Xibo team is going to help you break their ToS.

Thanks Alex, I understand and have no desire to break any rules. The college (where I work) communications team posts frequently to Instagram, perfect content for our several signage screens across campus.

What does “screen scraping” mean?

I found a free and easy-to-use widget called Feedgrabbr. That seems to provide close to what I was hoping for. I guess they host something on their site and do the java coding. I’m just a lowly desktop support guy, and have zero coding skills beyond basic HTML.

We’ve tried to get clarity on this from Instagram/Facebook and its been very difficult - the terms of service are pretty clear though. Unfortunately that means we can’t help you with any workarounds either (that would be as good as us providing something official, which we’re not allowed to do) :smiley:

Sorry for the inconvenience!

I understand and appreciate your responses here. Fortunately what I’m trying to accomplish is not something arcane, so there are lots of developers out there banging away at it and posting their freemium offers.

Cheers, and thanks again.

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Maybe there is something for you here:

Greetings Torsten

Thank you Torsten, much appreciated. I found a similar “freemium” widget site called “Feedgrabbr”. Wish I had enough coding knowledge to build one of these widgets for myself.


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