Extract data from external database

How do I get instant data from an external database?

For example, I have 10 different models and can I take their instant sales / stock figures and use them in xibo?
3 minutes after the page with these values, I want a page with the photos or videos I want.
Can this be done with Xibo?

Please do take a look at the DataSet functionality.

Thank you

Thank you for your interest.
I reviewed DataSet 3 functionality. But I didn’t quite understand. How can I take values from a SAP or MySQL database and use them in xibo? Or, let me ask you, in which format should I get the data from the database, I can use this data in xibo.
Is there an example of this?

Remote Datasets use JSON formatted data available from a webserver, you will not be able to configure a remote Dataset to return DB data from MySQL.

Many Thanks.