External HD attached to CentOS 8 Xibo CMS

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CMS Version


Installation Method

Docker Install

Operating System

CentOS 8


Its only been running for about a month.

As it turns out, our HD was too small to hold all the content now being loaded. I’m trying to achieve clarity in understanding about migrating the existing library to an external HD(/dev/sdb) mounted on CentOS 8. The MySQL database can stay where it is, but the Library files, and layouts need to reside elsewhere, and arranged where they can be found.

I understand I want to make backups, before moving the files, but I’m a little fuzzy about what kinda directory structure I need to create on the external HD. Is this migration a bad idea? Is there a better idea?

Since the system is in use for 12 hours a day, I have to be judicious about when to make the move, and know all the steps I will take when doing it so I can work quickly. I understand enough of Linux and Docker to allow me to set up Xibo for Linux, but wouldn’t necessarily be considered an expert…its still a foreign language so i have to read slow.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

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