Extended Support?

My company is currently looking at moving over to Xibo. I see the option to self host (Which is what i’m currently doing) and the option of Subscription Xibo hosted.

Our current digital signage is also subscription based, with extended support if something bad happens.
Like the software crashes, or the database errors type of issues.

Does Xibo provide any extended support or support if you have issues with either Hosted or Self-Hosted?

Can’t seem to find this information posted anywhere on the main site.

You can find information about support here:

Click on Support about 1/3 the way down.

Broadly if you host on Cloud, then your CMS and the Players attached to it are supported by us for that period. If you self-host, then you’re welcome to post questions in the Get Help section here and we do our best to answer, or we offer an Enterprise support contract which entitles you to support from our Service Desk - however we’d need to assess the CMS you have and how it was installed to say if we can cover it with a contract or not.

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