Extended support via subscription?

Whether hosted, or self-hosted. Can anyone get a subscription support?
Like for instance the application breaks, or the databases get corrupt?

Currently working with my company to hopefully make a transition from Navori to Xibo.
Currently we pay for extended support should something break.

I haven’t seen any such support listed on the website.
What does the 15$ hosted subscription grant you?
Other than the CMS application, is there any service/support behind that ?

Also if self hosted is this truly free?

Xibo in the Cloud customers benefit from free support for the CMS and Player software from our helpdesk which is open 24/7 for new tickets and is monitored by our dedicated support team Monday to Friday 8AM to 4:30pm in the UK timezone.

Players that require commercial licensing (Android/Tizen and webOS) also qualify for free support for player installation and configuration assistance from our team.

We do offer additional Enterprise Support contracts for hosted as well as self-hosted and can cover CMS instances as well as Players, these are tailored for users so if you would like to have an idea of pricing then please do contact us for further information.

The open source software is free to use with no hidden costs:
Xibo CMS
Xibo for Windows
Xibo for Linux

If you have further questions or would like to discuss your requirements / pricing, then do come back to us.

Thank for reaching out.

Hi Natasha, Understood that the signage player software is free of cost .

  1. Is the "Self-hosted " CMS also free ?
  2. Are there support packages available for self-hosted CMS and what are the rates ?
  3. What kind of support is available during this support package ?

Welcome to the Community!

Our CMS, Windows and Linux players are open source with no licence fees and are available as a free download. Take a look at our Getting Started page on our website for further details

Please do contact our Sales team (sales@xibosignage.com) who will be happy to discuss your requirements so that you can have a clearer idea of the support we can offer.

Thank you