Expiring all the schedules and playing a default layout on a button click

Is there any way to stop all the current schedules and start a default layout on a button click, if we add a new button in xibo 1.7 ? Anyone, kindly help us. We are newbies to xibo as well as php. Thank you.

Have a look at this first:

It explains how the players communicate with the CMS, and that should explain why doing anything from the CMS instantly on the Player is not possible within the current model.

You would need to engineer some kind of push mechanism (and deal with firewall/NAT traversal) for that to work.

If you’re happy to wait long enough for the client to connect to the CMS before the change took effect, then you could just intercept the output of the Schedule call and change that so that nothing was scheduled, in which case the default layout would play.

Or you could maintain a Display Group called “All Displays” which has all displays inside it, and use the “Schedule Now” function with a priority layout. This assumes you don’t already have priority layouts of course and assumes that you don’t mind waiting for the collection interval as Alex stated.

Thank you Alex and Dan . We will try this way.

Is there any ways to avoid conflict between timings of two layouts. Suppose, if we already have a schedule from 2pm to 3pm and we are trying to schedule a new layout from 2:30pm to 4pm, then it should display a message saying there is a conflict in the schedule. Thank you.

Xibo supports multiple active schedules. So if you scheduled as you suggest, between 2:30 and 3pm both layouts would show in fair rotation. If we locked it so that you could only ever show one layout at a time in the schedule then it would be really impossible to use in the majority of use cases.


Alex, Is it possible for us to play only one layout at a particular interval if we don’t want to happen any conflicts?

Schedule that one layout with priority ticked. If no other layouts have priority then it will override any other schedule in place at that time.

Actually what we would like to implement is when I try to schedule a layout in a conflicting manner, then I shouldn’t be allowed to schedule for that time. Is there any way to do like that?

No. That’s not how Xibo works. It actively encourages scheduling more than one thing at the same time.

Thank you Alex, but If I would like to do in that way then where should I change in Xibo ?

I’m not sure. Dan may be able to advise you if he has time to dig in to the code to find it.

Generally that’s what you’d be paying a developer to do for you though?

Thank you Alex. :smile:

Hi Alex,
When I check the schedule and schedule_detail tables from DB, I found that FromDT and ToDT are not in usual datetime format. How are you creating it? How can I know the real from datetime and to datetime of the schedule from DB?

They are Unix timestamps.

Please could you create new topics for different questions @Diljith rather than keep reopening the same thread?

You’d have to add a check for that in the data class for schedule. /lib/data/schedule.data.class.php

ok Alex … sure …

Thank you Dan…