"Exit: 0" Error On Fetch Remote Datasets Task

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Hello! We are trying to make use of remote datasets that refresh every hour. However, after a time, the fetch remote datasets task deactivates itself and a bug icon appears. Hovering over this icon gives an “Exit: 0” error. This prevents the datasets from updating at all.

I’ve tried to reactivate the task and rerun it, but at some point, it will stop again, and return the exit: 0 error. I also can’t seem to find anything related to this in the logs.

I’ve seen this error come up in the forum before:

But it doesn’t seem like a resolution was found here. I’m not 100% sure how I would go about troubleshooting this. Any help is appreciated!


Hi, are you using Dokcer or Custom Install?

Make sure your Cacerts are up to date. I think it’s a good starting point

Hello! Currently, we are using Docker for our CMS.

Just following up on this. Any ideas as to why this might be happening?

Try to see in your database, in the “task” table, which value is in the “lastRunMessage” column referring to this task

SELECT `name`, `lastRunMessage` FROM task where name = 'Fetch Remote DataSets';

Maybe it’s reporting the reason for the bug

Send here the result

Solution was found! Turns out that the limit policy for the dataset needed to be set to “First In First Out”. It was previously set to “Stop Syncing”.

Thanks for your help @pitoco02 !

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