Evo Laptop Screen Resolution for Optimal Xibo Display Quality

Hello Xibo community,

I hope you’re all doing well. I’ve been using Xibo for digital signage on my Evo laptop, and I’m curious about optimizing the display quality. One aspect that I’m particularly interested in is the screen resolution.

My Evo Laptop Specs:

Display Quality and Resolution:

I’ve heard that the screen resolution can impact the quality of content displayed through Xibo. Too low a resolution might lead to pixelation, while too high might strain system resources unnecessarily.

I’d like to hear from the community about their experiences and recommendations regarding the optimal screen resolution for achieving the best Xibo display quality on Evo laptops. What resolution settings have worked well for you, and do you have any tips for striking the right balance between visual quality and performance? Let’s discuss!

Hi @melissahankins,

It’s very simple.
Find your device’s screen resolution, and choose the same resolution for your xibo layout.

It also depends on the content to be displayed. Of course, the content must be in the same resolution (video, image, etc.) if you want to display it in full screen.

Please note that some player do not support 4K. In most cases, I use FullHD.

Let us know if you have any difficulties.

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