Error xibo Android v3 R306

Who can tell what is the reason for these errors?
The player does not load media files. I get a notification that the player is downloading files too many times
Xibo for Android v3 R306


I would be grateful for any hint!

Hi Taras, thank you for your message and the screenshot of your issue.

There appears to be a number of errors relating to the connection between your player and your CMS. There are a few possible explanations for this so I would recommend first making sure that the time, date and time zone are correct on your Android device.

Once you are sure the time settings are correct, please can you next try to log in to your CMS using a web browser app on your Android device? Is this successful? If not then you will need to investigate the errors that are returned when trying to connect to your CMS in a web browser on that device. If your CMS is hosted on the Xibo cloud, please open a ticket by logging into the Xibo portal and then go to the Tickets option.

If logging into your CMS using a browser app on your device was successful, my next suggestion would be to make sure you are entering http or https correctly at the beginning of the CMS URL in the player settings, this must match the protocol you have configured for your CMS. If the issue persists after trying these steps, please open a ticket on the help desk for further support.

Many Thanks.

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