Error when uploading/setting background

I tried to upload an image to be used as background. It uploaded fine but won’t allow me use as background. I am getting this error.

{“files”:[{“name”:“1446597581-7298”,“size”:0,“type”:"",“error”:“No file was uploaded”}]}

It doesn’t look like it was uploaded fine.

Could go to ‘Report Fault’ page in CMS and see if everything is fine there?

Did you have similar problems with uploading other files to library?

Hi Peter,

No, I don’t see any errors there.

I tried a few other files and they all throw the same error but if I go
to the Region Timeline and insert the same image there it’s fine. So
this error only happens when you add image under Option>Background.


Hi Eddie,

I can confirm that we were able to reproduce this issue, we’ve logged it as a bug, you can track it here

Thank you for bringing this to our attention