Error Playing Video : 2001

Hi All,

I’m having an issue on some android players of R402 on V4.0.6 CMS

Error Pictured Below

The Content that’s running is just .MP4 files (Pictured below)

These are placed in a layout that’s assigned to a sync group of 4 Identical displays.

Does anyone have any info on this?

Little More on this issue,

This is what the display is saying

Ok so I think I’ve Fixed it?

I took the original 4 Videos and downloaded them off the CMS. I then stitched them together into one Video. Made a new layout with just the one Video on a loop on it then replaced the old layout with the new layout.

I’ve also changed the Media player in the settings to “Android media player”…

I know I know. one thing at a time…

here is the thing though, these screens will play fine for ages then the lead display will error out and they all loose sync. so I’m not even sure if what I’ve done has worked. :man_shrugging:

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