Error installing xibo on docker windows

I tried to perform the installation of the Xibo docker in an environment with Windows 10 Pro but after executing the command: docker-compose up -d the error installation in a certain part.

follows the error:

Status: Downloaded newer image for ianw / quickchart: latest
Creating xibo-docker-238_cms-db_1 … error Creating xibo-docker-238_cms-quickchart_1 …
Creating xibo-docker-238_cms-xmr_1 …

Creating xibo-docker-238_cms-quickchart_1 … done Creating xibo-docker-238_cms-xmr_1 … done
ERROR: for cms-db Cannot create container for service cms-db: invalid volume specification: ‘C: \ Xibo \ xibo-docker-2.3.8 \ shared \ db: / var / lib / mysql: Z’
ERROR: Encountered errors while bringing up the project.

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I have the same issue, because I’m a docker noob. That being said, I read somewhere that running docker inside of WSL2 on Windows is better for performance, so I’m going to try this next, because I think that will fix these silly Linux/Windows path issues.

I’ve been running Xibo CMS for some years now on IIS and thought I would start fresh by going the supported route and using docker, without importing anything from the old setup. The experience has been genuinely horrible, perhaps because I am on Server 2019 (which unlike 2016 should be supported). The documentation, both from Xibo and Docker, is full of gaps or links that 404. But since it’s a free product, I won’t gripe too much and keep trying.

If I figure it out, I’ll post back. Likewise, if you figure it out, throw me a bone and let me know how you did it!


@SwissJay I currently tried it via Docker and now I am trying it via Apache. I’m both having difficulties! More if you find a solution without doubt I will post.

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