Error installation CMS 3.0.3


I have fresh install of Windows Server 2019 + WAMP( default settings)
I Download the CMS 3.0.3 and copy them in the directory : c:\wamp64\www\xibo\

When i launch my browser and go to : http://localhost/xibo/web

i have this problem :

How i can solve this please ?
Sorry i’m really not an expert about web server/wamp etc…


With the 2.3.12 i can see the first top of installation but when i click on “Next” i have the same issue than i have with the 3.0.3 :frowning:

I also try to redirect the original “DocumentRoot” in httpd.conf with c:\wamp64\www\xibo , the redirection work good but still the same issue when i try to go to localhost/web

When i try to redirect “DocumentRoot” in httpd.conf with c:\wamp64\www\xibo\web it work

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