Error dataset filter sql Claus

hello good night, recently add a csv to the dataset and using a sql filter clause throws me the result No Data returned from the source, and I used the sql clause previously in another layout with ticker.
the information is
menu dtstart dtfinish

dish1 27/08/18 00:00 27/08/18 23:59
dish2 28/08/18 00:00 28/08/18 23:59
dish3 29/08/18 00:00 29/08/18 23:59

the filter I use is: NOW() > dtStart AND NOW() < dtFinish

The last dataset that I added and it worked was 3 weeks ago, that’s why it’s very strange to me that today I do not want to work.

today update to version 1.8.11 hoping that it solves that small detail and still does not work.




Perhaps the dateformat is wrong ?

I would write in dtstart: 2018-08-27 00:00:00 and in dtfinish: 2018-08-27 23:59:59

datatype is “string”

hope it helps?

Greetings from Germany